EF 10 : Outfit of the day

Huaaaa how many challenge did I missed? *faint*
Blame it to loads of work at the office. But i couldn’t resist the temptation of this week challenge, OOTD.
How can I skipped the opportunity to promote myself *big grin*


This photo I’ve upload at my Instagram account @mpok_etty.
This photo was taken at metland hotel cirebon while I’m on vacation (will post it separately).
The ripped pant is my favourite fashion item lately. This is a glimpse of my daily style, can you guess what kind of style I adopt?

21 thoughts on “EF 10 : Outfit of the day

    1. emaknyashira Post author

      Pake dong kalo punya juga, biar kita bikin geng celana robek.. About the cirebon review, I needs to contemplate first, since it involves my dear mother *gasp*

          1. santi

            Ya iyaaa ga ngenalin, wong eikeee ngeliatnya di jalan. Masak ya plincess teriak2 sih, hahaha 😀
            Td ngeliat mamah etty sama neng shira sama pak suami. Ga pake helm yeee… Nakal *cubit* 😀

          2. emaknyashira Post author

            Kan mau mampir2 ceu, ribet pake helm *kemudian ditabok polwan* Gw masih mau ke pasar lagi ituh.. Aaahh janjian atuuuh.. Emailin Nomor Hape yaa, ga mau tauk..

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