Hello,here comes another post for English Friday.

For this week we have a very hard to resist, impossible to ignore theme… wildest dream.

It could be anything,

being an astronout,

being first woman walking on the moon (why we stop going there btw??)

but what i really desire most is… being a secret agent.

Imagine me, in Scarlett Johansson body (smaller boobs please, dear God) and natalie portman face working on secret mission in Russia. Why Russia? Because Russia it’s romantic and mysterious. Even Condoleezza Rice falling in love with its histrory.

I could be some average looking person but still a secret agent, but it wouldn’t be fascinating.

I even giggle when i’m type this post, but what to worry right? Let me dream wild.

But seriously, with or without that fantastic hollywood actresses’s body, i always want to work as an agent. Wearing black coat no matter what season is, having those expensive and special made tools in my pocket.

And finally i can say “No, ma’am. We at the FBI do not have a sense of humor we’re aware of” just like agent K from Men in Black.

37 gagasan untuk “EF #2 MY WILDEST DREAM

  1. desweet26

    Bok, Scarlet Johansson kan juga cantik..ga kalah cantik kok kayak Natalie Portman..ngapa lo ganti sik mukanya ama Natalie…whyyyy… ? *cari perkara* :p

  2. mia fauzia

    LOL… hahahahaa Mba Etty I think I can hug you right now. I don’t gigle, I’m ngakak xD.
    Now I can imagine you on my cable tv right now like in one of those crime tv series. And I shout, “hey, I know her! She has a blog!”

  3. dani

    Ettttyyyy, gak peduli ah gw komen pake bahasa Indonesia. Kampreettt.. Hahahaaha. ngakak gw bacanyaaaa. Scar Jo kenapa sih? ukurannya pas kok. Tapi kalo lu punya muka nat-port dan badan scar-jo kayaknya susah jadi agen rahasia Ty. Apalagi dengan penampilan kayak sekarang. Susah banget deh dirimu dirahasiain. Pasti menarik perhatian. Hahahaha. Gw jadi serem deh kalo kita ketemuan itu jangan-jangan lu lagi nyatetin data kami. x)))

  4. Ola Aswandi

    What a wild dream mba ettyyyy, body ScarJo mix muke NatPort.. Langsung ngeheits nanti kalo secret agent model begini bikin video di youtube hahaha

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