EF #1 : MY WORD FOR 2015

First, it should be post on friday, and what day today etty? It’s still friday on my mind 😀

This post is a challange from Blog English Club (BEC) which i join recently and regret it right after (hmmppfff, as if being indonesian jayus blogger is not hard enough so now you are trying to be jayus in english ty??)

So what your word for 2015 ty?

Kindness [kahynd-nis]

an act of a kind,

I want to be a kinder person in 2015, kinder in many ways. If you know me in real life you must be raise your eyebrow right now. I’m not a kind person, not kind enough to people so they would mention kind if they asked to decribe me in a word.

One of my highschool mates even describe me as a rude person.

So why you want to change that ty?

Ummm you know, as i get older i received many experience, life is not always in easy full of flowers with rainbow on the sky. Sometimes life sucks.

I’ve learned that when you are down and somehow people around you still help you through, and you have a hubby, a whole family that love you and care for you despite all your manners. Then which of the Blessings of your Lord will you  deny?

*mamah dedeh comes and shower me with zam-zam water she bought at Tanah Abang*

Sue me, mamah. Sue me 😀

No, i really meant it. I want to give kind a chance this year. So please, be nice to me people or my inner bitchy real me will strikes back.

Hadith 1 - Be kind (Muslim)

So, what is your word for 2015? Hold your tongue, write it down and make a blog post.

Now thank me, i’ve just give you an idea for a blog post.

I’m so kiiiinddd *dancing in tanah abang*

22 gagasan untuk “EF #1 : MY WORD FOR 2015

      1. Robbie

        keren blog nyo…smg lbh brmnfaat bg teman2 dunia ma#0ay823&;ajariin euy buat blog.. sbnarnyo la ado sie blog tp bngung dwek apo yg nk di isi dlm blog ^_^

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  2. joeyz14

    Etty…. how can I’m not love you… ? You are such a kind person I’ve ever known ( padahal pas kopdar suatu saat nanti, jangan2 gue dijutekin lagi) hahahahaha…

    Agree with Dani…even in English you are still Etty the sholeha lady from Tanah Abang. *siremin aer zam2*

  3. rumahmemez

    Ety dalam bahasa apapun -bahkan kalo ada postingan dalam bahasa isyarat- tetaplah seorang Ety yang kocak, shalehah, dan bffnya mamah dedeh… :)))

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